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The story on those Metal Plates - Thanks Espressit Coffee

Thanks so much to Espressit Coffee Shop in Westmont for hosting a Pre - Open Studio Tour Artist Reception - It was great to see friends old and new and view the diverse work that will be on display in this years upcoming tour.

I will have this image in a smaller version plus photo pillows and more metal in my studio on April 11. Christine Foster Photo studio will be open only 11am - 1pm for the Open Studio Tour.

For this showing at Espressit, I submitted the above image from Paris 2009. I had it custom printed on a light-weight 22 gauge thick 16x20 metal sheet. How this is done is really very interesting and unique - the photo image is printed onto an industrial transfer sheet which is then heat pressed to the metal at 400 degrees using specialised machines- this transforms the ink to gas and transfers the photo "into" metal.

I love the many ways that these plates can be used for display - the image is very easy to frame and because of it's finish it does not need glass or a matte. Metal plates can also have mounting plates built onto the back so it stands away from the wall - again the finish on the plate really makes a colorful image pop off your wall. They are so light weight that you could actually use sticky tape to hang it on the wall - You know, those 3M double sided tape squares-?

I made custom hanging holes for this image. The custom hanging holes allowed me to create the celebratory flowing ribbon for this display. This was a street image that just caught my eye - an anonymous declaration of love - Positive Graffiti - Joyous Graffitti

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