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Inspired by emotion, movement, light, and color - photography has been the joy in my life. 

Wanderlust is what led me to pursue photography.  

This site is how I see things visually in the  world - "my world" photography....   The visual feast of a location

Images are presented on this site as image boards to create a small story of a location- I am always happy to show my images so please contact the studio if you would like to know more about location or image

The travel photography on this site has been captured over the years with multiple visits to some locations. 

The images can be mixed and matched in location & style when it comes to a design perpective - 

I am always startled by the similarities that I find in far away places and places very near to home -

maybe that's what attracts me to a particular scene

Keeping with the idea of home, I like to print these images on alternative surfaces like metal or fabric as you can see with the pillows on this site. 


I have been a commercial photographer for over twenty years.

My current, studio Christine Foster Photo, is located in the Soha Arts Building. 

I am proud to say that my travel work has been published & shown internationally which only adds fuel to the wander


My world around me closer to home has inspired the creation of  Triptych  - an international photo collaboration







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